Every time I write a post I think I will update my blog more frequently. Of course it does not actually happen. I have actually been getting a little work done, and by “work” I mean out shooting and printing, though I have not made any new prints in a couple of weeks. What I have been doing is making postcards.

I signed up for the APUG postcard exchange, which is just that–a list of folks who print up some postcards and mail them to each other. I’ve got 47 cards to make, of which I have finished 39. I ran out of postcard paper before finishing. I use the Ilford postcard paper, which is cut to 3.5 x 5.5″, and has the postcard markings on the back. It’s not required, but it’s convenient. Anything that the USPS will accept as a postcard will do.

Since printing 47 copies of the same image sounded a bit too tedious, I chose to do a few different ones. I took it as an opportunity to revisit some negatives I had that hadn’t come out quite as well as I’d hoped to see if I couldn’t make something better out of them by recropping.

Canal Street signage, NYC

Lawn idol with flowers, Somerville, Mass.

Moving van, Cambridge, Mass.

Williams Candy store, Somerville, Mass. Sadly, this has been torn down and replaced by a condo building.


One response to “Postcards

  1. Happy 1 week birthday, Katie!!!! You are so precious! We love you bunches! Come on

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