Great Minds Think Alike

Okay—I’ve been predictably lame about posting to my supposed blog. Anyone surprised by that? Not really. But I’ve started getting back some of the Kodachrome I have to use up, and have a few good shots to scan.

Sometimes—for me, often—you’re just walking along and you see something sort of ordinary, the sort of thing most people would not think of as a photo subject, and you wonder, can I make something of that? Often you can’t, or at least I can’t. Two times out of three I put the camera up, look through it, try to frame a shot, and nothing comes of it. I put the camera down. The one time out of three that I take the photo, two times out of three the resulting photo doesn’t look that great to me when I see it.

Some of the remaining photos I post to the APUG galleries, with varied responses. Some people like them, some say WTF? Well, what can you do?

Sometimes you find that someone else has been looking at things kinda the same way. Here’s one of my new shots:


Then, a few days ago, a web site came to my attention, a web site dedicated to the photography of Vivian Maier. It’s likely that you’ve never heard of Vivian Maier, either. Ms. Maier apparently lived in Chicago for many years, wandered the streets with her Rolleiflex, documented what was going on around her, and never showed anyone the photos. The guy with the web site got the negatives out of some boxes in a storage room whose contents were being auctioned off. One of the shots was this:

[Link here–Technical Difficulties!]

So Ms. Maier, some decades ago in Chicago, saw some french fries lying by the curb and had the same thought I had when I saw Fritos on the ground.

I recommend checking out the rest of the site; her street photography is top-notch.

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